All this and we keep our prices to a minimum!!!

Based at Hanley Stoke-on-Trent, Natural Beauty Sunbed Shop providesfantastic tanning at BARGAIN prices.

Unlike many sunbed shops, we retube our sunbeds regulalry to maintain

optimum output at all times to ensure the best tan.

Courses Available


Shot of Cream = £1


Sachets = £2.50


Bottles = £11.99


Sunshots = £2.50

Introducing our Latest Collatan Tubes

We are the first salon in Stoke-on-Trent to offer the the Collatan sun lamps, which is a combination of  lamps to offer you the best of both worlds:

- Red light for collagen repair and skin rejuvenation

- Plus ultraviolet light for vitamin D

- (30% Collagen – 70% Tanning)

Giving a more healthy golden tan.

Collatan is a new type of tanning tube which combines Red Light and UV-Light in a single tube. This means you get the benefits of tanning and anti-ageing in a single session.

How Does A Collatan Sunbed Work?

- UVA, UVB and Red Light reach different layers of the skin

- UVB rays trigger melanin and Vitamin D creation

- UVA rays oxidise the melanin to give pigmentation (thats what gives you tanned skin)

The Red light shines on every layer of the skin all the way down to the muscles It increases the blood-circulation which moisturises the skin, gives more oxygen to the tanning process and moves the melanin to the surface of the skim

The Red light also repairs the collagen; broken collagen strings are the main reason for wrinkles

The Really Clever Bit

The red light operates on 615-625 nanometres wavelength - these wavelengths are scientifically & clinically proven to repair collagen and & promote anti-aging Users typically report:

- Smoother, hydrated skin after tanning

- Reduction in fine lines & wrinkles

- Enhanced tanning due to increased blood flow

This futuristic and new tanning concept is at the forefront of the very latest in special narrow spectrum technology. The scientific wavelength studies produced by NASA only goes to strengthen and enhance the capability of this product. The brilliant pink light ambience combined with the patented glass twist effect will capture the tanning capabilities of the clients imagination whilst also delivering an unparalleled glowing, dark, luxurious tan, leaving the skin cleansed, rejuvenated and blemish free.


Sunbed Courses Available


46mins (6mins free)


70mins (10mins free)


95mins (15mins free)


120mins (20mins free)

Summer Starter Course

£25 = 54mins + Free Sachet of Cream