Fat Removal

3D Lipo is here

£39 per treatment       Course x8 £280

  • FINALLY we can permanently remove fat cells. Do you want to lose weight? No need for liposuction, no surgery involved, no need to diet or even a calorie controlled diet, no need to go to the gym. Does your weight bother you, have you tried dieting, slimming, tried weight watchers, slimming world, Atkins, Slimfast? Did it work? Did the weight stay off? Was it hard to do?
  • With 3D Lipo, quite simply lie back on the couch, and let the machine do all the work. No pain, and no need to exercise after. We don’t simply drain the fat cells (so they can fill up again) we permanently DESTROY fat cells FOREVER!!
  • Our machine is medical grade and much more powerful then anything else in the area. So if you are serious about weight loss then you need to be coming to Natural Beauty.
  • To help give you a chance of having this miracle treatment we are doing a Special LIMITED ONLY offer as below. So please apply quickly before the offer ends.

Exclusive to Natural Beauty Day Spa

How does it work?

A new 3 Dimensional approach to the fat removal process ensures that nothing else offers such a complete and effective solution, a true alternative to liposuction brought exclusively to Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire by Natural Beauty.
Unlike other lipo offerings that utilize Diode Laser (I-Lipo, Strawberry and Laser Lipo), which simply drain the fat cell temporarily so ultimately DO NOT WORK in the long run, our technology, Cavitation, physically destroys the fat cell PERMANENTLY!!! The advantage of this is that exercise is not required after treatment in order to metabolize the released fat which is a significant advantage over existing methods. With the combination of Radio frequency, Cavitation offers an effective skin tightening application for both face and body.

Clinically proven technology

There is no doubting the credibility of Cavitation as a real Non- Surgical alternative to liposuction. This advanced technology targets fat removal, cellulite and skin tightening without the requirement to exercise. Cavitation will provide you with unbeatable results.

Safe and Painless

3D-lipo is painless and completely safe. It can be used on all skin types and body areas and you can return to normal activity immediately after the treatment. Unlike most other lipo devices you do not have to commit to exercise after treatment.

Immediate results

Results can be seen immediately after treatment. Typically a 2-4cm loss in abdomen circumference can be achieved with every treatment. A course of 6-8 treatments is typically recommended with a protocol of combined Cavitation and Radio Frequency.

Targeted fat reduction

3D-lipo can target fat reduction in specific problem areas. By working on the targeted area such as upper arms, abdomen or thighs fat can be broken down and removed specifically from that area. This is a big advantage over diet and exercise which can reduce overall body fat but not shape individual areas.



Lose up to 20-40% of the fat cells

Using the unique combination of electro and cryo therapy,in one treatment, the treated area cells die in a natural way and dissolve over the course of several months.

£39 Per Treatment Course x8 £280

3D Dermology

Face & Body Skin Tightening, Lifting & Skin Rejuvination

The RF heating causes an immediate contraction of collagen fibres, and at the same time increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts thereby accelerating the production of new collagen and elastin fibres. The concentration of collagen fibres and the regeneration of the collagen and elastin deposits, tighten the skin layers creating a smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.