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Health Clinic

The Beauty Salon

Welcome to Natural Beauty Health Clinic based in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. We now have a vast aray of services, treatments, machines and equipment to cater for all your specific requirements.You really do not need anything else. Please see details below. For more details on specific treatments we have listed additional web pages that provide a lot more detail to your right. Of course, feel free to contact us over the phone or book in for a free consultation.

We offer a range of services to help with various: skin, respiratory, health conditions & weight loss.


Arthritis pain, Rheumatism, Psoriasis, Eczema & Bad Circulation

Hand Paraffin Wax

30mins £20

45mins £35

The hands are emulsified with a warm paraffin wax treatment. Great for arthritis sufferers.

Foot Paraffin Wax

30mins £20

45mins £35

Feet are emulsified in warm paraffin wax. Very good for dry skin. Great for arthritis suferers.

Paraffin Body Wrap


Aromatic treatment that combines aromatherapy oils and warm paraffin wax. Relax while we mummify your body in warm wax.. Great for all of the above.

Skin Disorders

Acne, Rosacea, Scarring, Eczema & Cold Sores, Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Dermapen Micro Needling is extremely effective with the above conditions


Red Light Therapy

30mins £10

Course x8 £45

Discovered by NASA and used in hospitals, great for skin repair & skin rejuvenation. To help with all the above ailments.



Fantasic to help reduce acne & acne scarring, pigmentation & blemishes, dull & tired skin, stretch marks, fine lines & wrinkles and sun damage.

Scar or Stretch Marks


Course x6 £145

Using micro current to promote the healing process, visibly fading scar or stretch marks, while improving feel & skin texture.

Post Acne Scarring & Skin Lesion


Using micro current to help speed up cell regeneration and promote healing on conditions such as acne vulgaris its healing stages (not pustular) & scar tissue.

Acne & Spots

Blue Light Therapy

30mins £10

Course x8 £45

Eradicate all the bacteria which results in the pores shrinking and prevention of acne and spots

Rebalancing Back Treatment (Spotty back)


Designed for the removal of impurities and toxins in the skin. Benefits all skin types: oily, acned, dry or sensitive.

Thalgodermyl Anti-Acne Facial


The powerful purifying properties of Thalgodermyl Extracts, infused in an alginate mask, this treatment is deeply rebalancing. It soothes redness and cleanses the skin.

Aromatherapy Manicure


This is ideal for individuals who suffer from any skin disorders.

Fat Removal

Weight Loss



Course x8 £279

No pain, fantastic results. Let our medical grade machine simply melt away the fat permanently.


Special Rate


Usual price £1000 in London. Using the process of freezing to crystallize fat cells in 30mins. Lose up to 25-40% in one treatment.

Frigi-Thalgo Wrap

Lose up to 9inches in 45mins


Need to Lose Weight Fast for a special occasion? As featured on Gok Wan’s How to look Good Naked. An anti-cellulite treatment encouraging the elimination of waste and excess fluid. Highly effective in the treatment of tired and heavy legs.

JTX 6000

10 mins £5

Course x8 £24

Heard of Flabelos and Power Plate? Our machine can do either or both at same time. Burn calories, lose weight, lose a dress size and firm body.

Respiratory Disorders

Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD

Inhalation Therapy


Combination of steam inhalation, aromatherapy oils & percussion (if requested)


Frigi-Thalgo Wrap


Highly effective in the treatment of tired and heavy legs. Treatment encourages the elimination of waste and excess fluid.

G5 Massage Therapy System

30mins £15

Course x6 £79

Excellent for Lymphatic drainage & reducing excess fluids


Aches & Pains

G5 Massage Therapy System has been the "Gold Standard" in the physical therapy and sports medicine industries for more than 45 years! Can be used for…

Ear Wax

Hopi Ear Candles


Great for the removal of excessive ear wax.

ONLY £135

Skin Problems

Dermapen Micro Needling is extremely effective with the Below conditions

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Vertical Lip Lines

Collagen Production

Sun Damage

Aged and Sagging Skin

Loss of Elasticity


Scalp Disorders/Hair Loss

Stretch Marks



Oily Skin


Rosacea/ Facial Redness

Broken Capillaries


Scarring – Surgical

Scarring – Striae

Eye Area – Puffiness

Dark Circles

Thin Skin

Senstive Skin

Dull Skin



Pores – Enlarged/Dilated/Clogged


Pigmentation – Hyperpigmentation/Hypopigmentation

Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

ONLY £35

Dermapen Cryo

Benign Lesions, such as Warts, Veruccas, Moles, Skin Tags, and Age Spots

Effective removal of the above can be acheived by freezing with the Cryopen