Body Treatments

Paraffin Body Wrap                                         £40

Aromatic treatment that combines aromatherapy oils and warm paraffin wax. Relax while we mummify your body in warm wax.. Great for all of the above.


Thalgo Body Scrub                                          £28

Keep you tan longer! The salt scrub will exfoliate the body ideal before your holiday to ensure a darker tan that will last longer.


Pregnancy Pamper        £32   Course x6 (x1 per week) £169

An intensive treatment to help prepare the skin for pregnancy with enriched marine extracts and vitamin E. Improves the skin’s natural elasticity and lessen the appearance of stretch marks.


Thalgomince Body Contouring Wrap               £30

Course x6 £159         Course x12 £239       (x2 per week)

Helps to improve stretch marks by firming toning & refining the silhouette. An ideal treatment for skin in need of smoothing and re-texturing. Can help the skin in pre or post pregnancy.


Bust Modelling (1hour)                                  £29

Course x6 £159         Course x12 £319        (x1 per week)

An intensive treatment designed to firm, enhance elasticity and re-contour the “natural bra”. Recommend x6 to x12 for max results.

Need to Lose Weight Fast for a special occasion?

Lose up to 9inches in 45mins with a

Frigi-Thalgo Wrap                                            £42

As featured on Gok Wan’s How to look Good Naked. An anti-cellulite treatment encouraging the elimination of waste and excess fluid. Highly effective in the treatment of tired and heavy legs.

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